HIO 2017 Offerings


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Elevated YOGA

This year we plan to have three elevated yoga sessions.  One of the most relaxing and centering parts of our retreat, is the yoga and at our new private venue, we look forward to stretching tall and finding balance together.  Included in most tickets ranks. 

Pure Pantry Brunch

There will be some great food vendors on site, but we are providing a buffet style plant based brunch. Honoring our bodies is important this weekend and we want to give it the very best. Last year our Pure Pantry Brunch has a donation from Watermelon Water, that refreshed the attendees and kept us all hydrated.  With a plant based menu, we are honored to serve. 



Puff & Paint WORKSHOP

MyLin, from ARTxSK will be hosting TWO paint workshops this year after the amazing reviews.  An amazing creative break to take place when you're uninhibited and relaxing.  Also, a beautiful keepsake from your time on the retreat.  It's important in wellness to be expressive and we want to honor that notion at the retreat.  The Puff & Paint workshop is included in upper level tickets.

Bud & DaB Bar

A special space just for sampling and  finding the best products for you, the bud and dab bar were a huge hit last year.  At the bar is where you'll find education. All of our vendors are knowledgeable and excited to teach about the different properties of medicinal cannabis.   Samples are available through out the duration of the event and the bar is open to all ticket levels. 




We have to discuss the healing properties of cannabis and how it can contribute to wellness.  Above all our goal is to educate and focus on our wellness of mind, body and spirit.  Included in all ticket levels, the importance of wellness education is uncompromising to us.  This retreat is a time to gather and hear the stories of transformation and peace.  Let's heal.


Access!  One of the biggest reasons attendees come to the Wellness Retreat is because they have access to amazing local and regional brands.  Hardworking people who care about how cannabis can change lives.  From medicine, to products, to food to apparel, our vendors are professional, creative and of the people.